Every firework for every occasion and every venue.
Every firework for every occasion and every venue.

Professional Displays

Our Pro Displays


As the sole supplier of firework displays to the country's leading multi award winning garden centre Bents, we concentrate on providing displays of the very highest quality allied to enforcing the most stringent safety standards. Our displays are perfect for any celebration and are fully insured and operated in accordance with the latest regulations. We can take all the hassle out of your display by providing first aid, marshals, safety fencing, notifying the authorities etc.


Our displays start at £899 with the sky being, quite literally, the limit!


As UK Cat 3 musical champions, we can do incredible things with the sky on your special night, please contact us for details.


Should you have any questions or queries relating to your fireworks or display, please feel free to contact us using the email link below, or by calling us on 07764 609589

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We're closed 26th August 2017 but will be open every Saturday afterwards. 

We can open almost any time to suit you, please call 07764609589 to organise a personal sales session at the shop.


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